Together, we use a system to go through everything ( yes, every item) and at the end of our session, you will be left with what you need and/or love and everything will have a home. Your ‘stuff’ that no longer serves a purpose for the path you are on, will be loaded up and dropped off at a nearby donation centre by me!

Together, we will come up with a custom plan that will help us keep only what you need and love for your new home.

Minimalism looks different for everyone. I will help you live your vision out so that you can have the home of your dreams.

Once we have decluttered and organized your space, a little interior decorating takes your new living area to a whole new level! Let me help you add those special touches.

Organizing for seniors – There are different factors to consider when organizing/downsizing for seniors. I will work together with you to make sure that you feel relaxed, safe and comfortable while we make your home work better for you!

The neglected, forgotten storage room doesn’t have to be a dreaded space! Together, we will go through it all and you will find things with ease as the seasons change throughout the year.

Together, we will redeem your closets so that everything has a place and when you look in your closet, you only see what you need and love! Getting ready in the mornings will be a breeze from here on in.

This is where we gather and make memories and have me-time.. this is sacred space. Together, we talk about your vision and then we get to work!

Together, we will come up with your vision of how you would like a typical week to look, and we will come up with a routine/schedule that is custom for you and your family.

Hands-on organizing that will transform your kitchen to a space you enjoy prepping your dinner in and relaxing with family and friends.

Moving is a great time to organize! Together we can do a pre-move declutter so that you are only bringing what you need and love to your new home. We can also schedule time to organizing your curated collections in your new space!


Book a package and save!

Redeem Starter Package

4 Hours

1 Session
  • 20-30 minute consultation to discuss vision
  • 4 hours of decluttering and organizing for a small area or project
  • More details provided at our consultation

Redeeming Quality Package

12 Hours

3 or 4 Sessions
  • 20-30 minute consultation to discuss vision & prioritize focus areas
  • 12 hours of decluttering & organizing with a noticeable difference & overall impact
  • More details provided at our consultation

Redeem Dream Package

50 Hours

12 to 14 Sessions
  • 45 minute consultation to customize a plan, discuss your vision and I work with you every step of the way to make your organizing dreams a reality
  • 50 hours of organizing & decluttering that will redeem your entire home!
  • More details provided at our consultation

By the Hour

If you would rather book by the hour, we can arrange that as well. Minimum booking is 3 hours.

Serving Calgary & Area